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Friday, September 30, 2016

Quick Takeaways: September 30 Livestream

This post might be removed when the full coverage is ready. Meanwhile, feel free to contribute screenshots and information to help out!

Taiko 3DS 3
  • New song packs available from October 6th (more details here).
  • Newcomer  Ryuu to Kokuen no Himegimi (竜と黒炎の姫君) from Popular Song Pack 3 to be made by drop and Yura Hatsuki.
  •  Fuun! Bachi o Sensei (風雲!バチお先生) to become free DLC in the future; comes with the playable long version

Dojo Ranking
  • Red Version Dojo Ranking Current Results shown (updated as of Sept. 27th).
  • Dojo Ranking Side Story feature introduced: courses suggested by fans through the livestream/other social media means for secondary Dojo Ranking trials to be tied with the "main ones".
  • First Side Story course to be titled 'Dark Attribute's Trial' (Japanese wording pending); course content to be decided on a later date.
AC0 Red ver.
  • October DonChare rewards: Chef outfit and  Taiko March.
  • Next software update to be adding the following songs:  Anzu no Uta (あんずのうた) THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls New! Gasshou Stabofè! (合唱スタボーフェ!)  with Tama☆Taifito feat. Yako Danchinomiya (with たま☆たい feat.団地ノ宮) New!
  • Red Version Title Parts Gacha Part 2 to begin in the next software update.
  • Speed tweaks to Tokkun mode to be made in the next update.
  •  Fuun! Bachi o Sensei (風雲!バチお先生) to be added in a later date.
  • All livestream comment goals met; title part Stock Company (株式会社) to be sent out to every Banapassport player.
  • Mass unlock of previous Touhou Project outfits and Petit Charas to be given out to every attender of the Autumn Reitasai, including the event-exclusive Blue version of Reimu Hakurei's Petit Chara.
  •  Help me, ERINNNNNN!! -Cranky remix- to be playable at Autumn Reitasai '16.

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