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Thursday, September 1, 2016

First Video: THE DAY

 THE DAY My Hero Academia (2/4/6/8, 486 notes on Oni)
Today's brand new song from the Hero Pack is the rocking opening theme by Porno Graffitti. Compared with the last new ★8 Oni debuting on 3DS3 (Battle -Denkousekka-), patterns are more simple but instead trains more on speed (186 BPM) and stamina. It starts with a singular, isolated 24th triple just like the addition coming tomorrow.

In other news, RARE HERO (now all caps) is cut to also ★8 Oni, and EZ DO DANCE kept its ★8 Oni rating from Wii5, iOS and more recently Kanjani Eight. Now would you excuse me I need to fix the words of a certain manic clown.

EDIT: We take advantage of this post to also warn you about a 3DS song title change from our part, after the jump.

 トラベルナ ~モンスターハンタークロスより~ Traveluna ~from Monster Hunter Cross~ → TraBelna ~from Monster Hunter Cross~

Now that Monster Hunter Generations has been launched worldwide and its main/ending theme has its officially-translated name, we're using that one against our first, more literal translation.

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