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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Taiko Plus/STH: The Rest of Early August Pick-ups

Did you get those free songs by our breaking-news tip-off? Good, now we can leisurely get to the rest of early August's additions.

Gyakkyoku Tori Houdai Adds: August 1
 オーブの祈り Orb no Inori
   「ウルトラマンオーブ」より Ultraman Orb
 おさかな毎日!さかなクン Osakana Mainichi! Sakana-kun
   さかなクン Sakana-kun
 熱情のスペクトラム Netsujou no Spectrum
 輝きを求めて Kagayaki o Motomete
 Choco Chiptune.

Gyakkyoku Tori Houdai Adds: August 10
最終鬼畜妹フランドール・S Last Brutal Sister Flandre S
   東方Projectアレンジ Touhou Project Arrange
   ビートまりお Beat Mario
 チルノのパーフェクトさんすう教室 Cirno's Perfect Math Class (+ Ura)
   東方Projectアレンジ Touhou Project Arrange
   ARM+夕野ヨシミ(IOSYS) feat. miko ARM + Yoshimi Yuuno (IOSYS) feat. miko

The latest "Touhou invasion" also adds the Touhou Project special dancers to the apps, including the previous 6 Touhou Project Arrange songs. If you don't see the special dancers, delete and redownload the song data and it should add them together.

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