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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Taiko no Tatsujin x Tekken 7 FR Campaign: The Fighting Schedule


Together with the Taiko Team's Development blog, the Tekken gaming's official webspace (in Japan) gets a new entry today in order to explain in great detail the Tekken side of the Taiko no Tatsujin collaboration that has been announced last week.

As the label above tells us, the campaign for the Tekken 7 Fated Retribution arcade will last from August 31st to September 30th, with plans of both limited unlocks and new permanent purchasable items for the Banapassport-exclusive Fight Money Shop feature. For the latter, it will be possible to purchase an array of Taiko-themed stickers since the campaign's beginning, starring these familiar Taiko characters:

tk75_taiko_11 tk75_taiko_12 tk75_taiko_16 tk75_taiko_14  tk75_taiko_13 tk75_taiko_15

Together with these, the Taiko no Tatsujin Player Panel (on top) and Player Message Panel (at the bottom) will also be new permanent shop additions:


From September 7th, three new clothing item combos will be added to the Fight Money Shop for all characters to enjoy, with the White Tatsu-Don T-shirt and a floating Taiko drum whose facial expression changes during (and after) the battles. Together with the usual Taiko siblings Don-Chan and Kat-Chan, we'll also have a Heihachi Mishima-inspired drum that goes under the name of Iron-Chan (鉄ちゃん), named after the Tekken series' Iron Fist Tournament.




Also in the same day is starting a special mission for Banapassport fighters, which will let them unlock this Taiko-themed stamina gauge by playing Tekken 7 FR 10 times in a single day.


The week after, from September 15th, three additional limited missions will be added for more timed unlocks, letting players get custom hit effects with Don, Katsu and the Ms.Cat & Mr.Spoon couple by playing respectively 5/10/15 times in a single day. This trio of missions and the Taiko stamina gauge one will last until the campaign's ending period.

tk7_taiko_e1 tk7_taiko_e2 tk7_taiko_e3

This Tekken blog entry also mentions the other end of the collaboration with the BGM song Abandoned Temple Final 2nd becoming a playable song on Taiko Red Version, but no release date for the music game franchise are given yet... We'll probably have to wait for an official announcement from the Taiko Team itself.

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