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Friday, August 5, 2016

Sonority Scouts - X Marks the Beat

Now that we've had our comprehensive look at the Taiko no Tatsujin side of the very recent crossbeats REV.SUNRISE collaboration, it's time to have a closer look at how Capcom's mobile-spawn franchise handles out the new additions!

Up here is Rio Hamamoto's SAKURA EXHAUST, which made its debut on SUNRISE during Taiko Red Version's launch day. As you can already see from the preview even before starting the video, the Taiko-inspired flairs are already up and accounting, with the addition of a look-alike regular Taiko gameplay background against the default black one. On REV.SUNRISE, the song is also the bearer of an Unlimited mode -the series' extra difficulty layer- whose chart in featured in the video above.

The crossbeat series' proprietary song was released two days ago in its 'home' franchise, together with the aforementioned SAKURA EXHAUST coming to Taiko with the latest software update. NAOKI's Over Clock ~Kaihou~ (開放, lit. 'Open') made its debut without an Unlimited mode, thus the highest-rated chart available is the Master mode, shown in the video above.

However, in order to get the whole picture about this particular song's choice for the event, we also have the need to talk about its musical precursor...

Released at the beginning of July this year, Over Clock ~Zenchou~ was the very first original track in the series starring the nicknamed un∞limited as the singer. Its Japanese part of the subtitle (前兆) is translatable as 'Omen' and in retrospective this truly was a foreshadowing hint, considering that the TaikoxCB collaboration was announced the day after Zenchou's release!

The two Over Clock songs are also linked by their own in-game album art, as they form a single image scenario if put together (Kaihou on the left and Zenchou on the right), with the cropped-out hand of the girl in Kaihou's jacket being on the far left side of Zenchou's jacket.

True to the singer's nickname, Over Clock ~Zenchou~ also features an Unlimited difficulty (rated 74), but since videos on Youtube about the hardest difficulty aren't available yet, the video above is about the Master mode instead.

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