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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Song of the Week! 27 August 2016

Continuing from the past week's theme, here's another song coming from yet another 6th Taiko game release... this time from the console front!

 My Way Def Tech
Allx3 (114)x3 (183)x5 (359)x6 (437)
 Taiko PS2 6

More to the point of console gaming often having exclusive tracks for a long period of time, Taiko Rokudaime is currently the only place where it's possible to drum our way through one of the biggest hits from the Japanese independent unit Def Tech.

Officially founded in 2005, this Jawaiian reggae ensemble is made of two members who take care of every aspect about their songs' creation: Hawaiian-grown Shenan 'Shen' Brown and Japanese Yuki 'Micro' Nishimiya (西宮佑騎). Under the band name suggested by vocalist Jesse from the band Rize, Def Tech's musical production is mostly featured in their studio albums, counting (up until this post's publishing date) 8 releases under both the independent label Mind Shift Music and the more-widespread Universal Music one. The band split up on September 2007 due to Shen and Micro's many arguments on how the unit's musical direction should be, but it was reunited on June 2010 and it's currently in activity non-stop since then.

Some of Def Tech's earliest releases were made even before the unit's official foundation, sometimes paired with music videos as well; as Shen and Micro's very first jointed creation, My Way is surely part of this category, with its more "official" debut made with the self-titled debut album Def Tech, released on January 22nd. With My Way's musical video getting published the year earlier and the Def Tech debut album's sales surpassing the 2 million sales along the years, the songg got a lot of recognition and awards in its launch year despite its early January launch, with My Way topping J-WAVE Tokio Hot 100 Awards in the 'Best Song' and making Def Tech themselves being nominated as the 'Best New Artist' winners by the same billboard. Other appearances of the song in pop culture in some part include a collaboration with DJ SOULJAH for the song Transformer featuring part of My Way's lyrics, as well as the song itself appearing for NHK's Red and White Singing Contest in 2005 as the first song coming from an indie band (and ultimately winning it!).

Notechart-wise, reggae music in Taiko is mostly rendered like early rap songs with lots of dense note section with either singles or double hits for most of the chart. Watch out for the song's latter half, though, as longer and slightly more complex clusters are still able to throw off un-experienced player even with the current 6-star Oni standards!


Speaking of something else related to the number six, we're still on with our plans for our recurring Anniversary celebrations! Unfortunately, however, multiple events and adverse IRL situations from our part has forced us to delay said events multiple times, leading to this very day.

With that said, you might hear something more on this topic from us tomorrow! Until then, I renew our apologies for our silence on our usual anniversary charades...

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