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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Song of the Week! 13 August 2016

I'm back now, I'm back now! In case you weren't aware, the majority of the Taiko Time team is actually on vacation IRL this week too (scheduled posts and mobile editing curtained that well enough, I hope). Now in hurry to push a fresher Saturday feature, I am just grabbing something that has the tad bit of connection to what we'll be doing later this month.

Allx4 (117)x4 (144)x5 (228)x5 (326)
 Taiko 12 to 12.5

Roppongi (六本木) is a district in Tokyo famous for night life, as well as the location to find the rich high-rises of Roppongi Hills and multiple foreign embassies. The subtitle here actually works like the Season Dragons Series where it indicates that you should be reading 六本木 as "Giroppon", when jumbling the kanas around appears to be a fashionable and hip way to call places in some Japanese circles.

The song is of the mood kayou genre, that is kinda like enka but not the same in strict genre sense, with influences from jazz and Latin. The genre is the signature for singer Nezumi Senpai (鼠先輩, lit. "mouse senior"). GIROPPON was written subsequent of Nezumi Senpai's rather rough start in his love live. He, having to leave his girlfriend at the age of 20 and cut off all means of communication, made a promise to meet again under the Tokyo Tower in 10 years' time. The reunion happened finally in 2003 but Nezumi Senpai was rejected in his confession of love on the spot. GIROPPON came from his experiences and sentiments in the whole string of events. Nezumi Senpai confesses his love again at his artiste debut and single release in 2008 and has been married to her since. The song later received an English cover by Andrew W.K. in his 2008 album The Japan Covers (full of, as titled, J-POP covers).

For some reason though, the song took a weird turn after the second chorus, where all the lyrics just became only "po-po-po" of increasing putch for more than a full minute. The part in question did not appear in Taiko no Tatsujin because the cover cuts after the first chorus.

The chart is a fairly standard ★5 for the second generation, with mostly 8th separation and some straightforward 16th clusters of ddd's, kkk's and ddk's. Patterns that repeats similarly for 2-3 times also make it friendly by giving chance to adjust. Following the song the last lyric takes into 6th and 12th mixes, in what I say a good time for exposure at this level.

So what is the thing "we'll be doing later this month"? Let me just say that the name for Roppongi (lit. "six trees/piece of wood") came from either the six great trees that used to stand and mark the area, or the purported legend that six daimyos, all with connections with tree/wood (木) or kinds of trees in their surname, used to base around the place.

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