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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

[RUMOR] - General Asia's Red Version Launch (Edit: Date confirmed)

What you're seeing above is the (alleged) full list of new songs inclusions for not-Japanese Taiko arcades' next firmare jump, as the transition to General Asia's Red Version will take place on September 6th ... at least according to one of the most recent rumors.

If the leaked tables will correspond to the actual new song releases, this launch will have the introduction all the songs that have been featured in the namesake Japanese firmware up until the ongoing Taiko 3DS3 campaign's end, with the usual exception of Don Point songs. Together with those, however, some Japan-exclusive licenses will finally manage to cross the geographical boundaries, ranging from older ones (such as Guren no Yumiya and the Music Gun!Gun!2 crossovers) to more fresh releases like V/White Version's Kakushinteki☆Metamaruphose.

EDIT: September 6 the date is confirmed by official Asian ver. Facebook. We also found the possible source of the list being one of Hong Kong's chain arcade operators.

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