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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Twitter Snippets (29 July 2016) - The Conflict Between Aomori Nebuta and the Next Livestream

For some Twitter news from the Taiko Team, we have to roll back the clocks to yesterday for a selection of tweets that somehow escaped our sight.

Starting with the meatier news, we now have some more details to look forward to in the August '16 livestream such as its length (6 to 9:30 PM, Japan time), the fact that this will be yet another Taiko/Synchronica broadcast joint and that both portions will feature HARDCORE TANO*C composer t+pazolite as a special guest. We now have the link to the future broadcast, too!

If you live in Japan and happen to be attending at the Aomori Nebuta Festival's parade, this next tweet is for you! Early this August, it'll be possible to spot some Taiko no Tatsujin-themed balloons, with Don-Chan in the outfit above being the main star.

For those who are waiting the Taiko port of the BMS-spawn song conflict, its mysterious notecharter wanted to leave a couple of brief messages about his job.

The so-dubbed 'Koto Salaryman-Man' declares his gratitude for being put in charge of the popular track, while also briefly expressing the struggles he/she had for making a chart capable of reaching 'a certain degree of difficulty' while following the rhythm (and trying to sing the song while working on it!). The last thing uttered in the 2nd message is a 'White Beam Explosion', so are we going to witness yet another hellish trademark cluster explosion at some point?

...oh, you're still here? Why, thank you! Here's an extra small bit of trivia for having the manners of seeing after the jump.

Among its many products, electronic furniture company Sharp has released a robotic vacuum cleaner whose family goes under the name of RX-V. In Japan, the name has been changed into the English-worded Cocorobo, whose Japanese translation wording (ココロボ) is the very same one of the namesake song appearing in Taiko no Tatsujin, courtesy of the last CreoFuga song-making contest.

Upon noticing this curious bit of trivia, Sharp has shared this fun discovery last Monday with this simple tweet, which the Taiko Team was eager to re-tweet on their own account!

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