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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Touhou Project: Fairy Wars

With the title 'Fairy Wars', we're referring to the so-dubbed '12.8' Touhou Project game: the spin-off known as Yousei Daisensou ~ Touhou Sangetsusei (妖精大戦争 ~ 東方三月精, lit. 'The Great Fairy War ~ Eastern Three Fairies'). Chronologically placed between the spin-off sequel to Shoot the Bullet and 13th main danmaku shooter Ten Desires, Fairy Wars was published by Kadokawa and sold at Comiket 78 on August 14, 2010.

The story told in Fairy Wars is actually a continuation from a special chapter that was included in the official Touhou Manga Strange and Bright Nature Deity's Volume 2, titled 'Great Fairy Wars'. During the Winter season, the Three Faeries of Light -Sunny Milk, Star Sapphire and Luna Child- were making a plan to terrorize the humans, which required some additional recruits to come to fruition. For that reason, they cracked ice fairy Cirno's house with a flag of the trio to invite her to join her cause. The act has actually destroyed the whole house, so Cirno took the act as a declaration of war from humans! The following Spring, however, forgetting the whole house-destruction situation, Cirno finds the Three Faeries of Light's flag in her new home among her stuff, leading the ice faerie to seek revenge against the trio, as part of her own 'Great Fairy War'.

FW is a danmaku shooter "freezing game", in which enemies are defeated with both regular projectiles and Cirno's ice-related abilities, being able to freeze any bullet that comes from the ice generated by the fairy; by making freeze chains with both her regular shots and the 'perfect freeze' bombs, Cirno is able to drive away her enemies, while at the same time making sure that her "Motivation" is running at high percentages for her to keep on fighting and not to be tired. As opposed to the regular Touhou games having 6 stages, Fairy Wars offers 6 different routes, with 3 different choices to make at the start and two routes to choose from at the end of Stage 1.

Being published by Kadokawa, the same company responsible of the aforementioned Touhou manga series's publishing, Fairy Wars is the first game not to feature art assets made by ZUN, who wanted the manga's artist -Makoto Hirasaka (比良坂 真琴)- to draw all of the characters's portraits in order to keep the consistency from the original manga's drawing style.

Thanks to the Touhou x NAMCO SOUNDS collaboration, Fairy Wars got some Taiko recognition in form of a Junichi Nakatsuru arrangement, but aside from that the scenario is quite static at the moment.


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