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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Touhou Corner: Miscellaneous Origins Songs

On this page, we're listing all the custom Touhou Project arrangements that have been made about tracks that are not specifically coming from a Touhou game.

For the time being, the songs that are featured in this page are all arrangements of original songs that are coming from the so-dubbed "ZUN's Music Collection" album series. Currently the largest series among Team Shanghai Alice's official musical album cycles, each of the releases feature a selection of songs from former Touhou Project games coupled with both brand new arrangements and never-heard-before tracks from ZUN himself, all tied together by a background story being narrated by the author track by track in the enclosed booklet.


-Miscellaneous Origins songs-

  • Gensou no Satellite
  • Futari no Kessho -INNOCENCE-


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