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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Almost Transient Mysteries: The Curiouser Case of Touhou Arrange

While probably this would be touched on in the July 13 livestream or a press release/Namco Taiko Blog before that, let us preface you with the mystery first.

The speculations began when leaked visuals of Synchronica's newer and significantly bluer design spreaded. On the cabinet pop displays Sakura Secret (Touhou Project x NAMCO SOUNDS contribution by Taku Inoue) is not listed as Variety genre (as currently on Taiko and Synchronica) but a brand-new Touhou Arrange (東方アレンジ) genre.

Example image from wikihouse comments

Is that legit? Does it come with the next Synchronica large-scale update? Will Taiko no Tatsujin follow suit with a second Variety-spawn genre? Does Taiko no Tatsujin having good ties with Team Shanghai Alice have everything or nothing to do with it? Tell us what you think now, or wait for us to relay more in the future.

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