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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Namco Taiko Blog (14 July 2016) - Red Version's First Update Livestream Details

Alongside the actual Red Version launch (which is occurring today!), we also have a blog entry by Etou which showcases some of the content that will be added in Red Version's first update, illustrated through the slides that have been shown during yesterday's Taiko Team livestream.

Before talking of that, however, here's a couple of extra details about the Red Version launch that have been either lightly talked about or simply forgot to tell during the Niconico broadcast.

First of all, the arcade Taiko gaming's official website has been updates with the Red Version-inspired aesthetics of the latest firmware, complete with the full details of the ongoing collaboration campaigns. Another aspect that Banapassport players can tinker with in their Donder Hiroba profile is the possibility to toggle White Version's Close Folder feature on or off, in case people are bothered with the aforementioned option appearing every 8-or-so songs while scrolling a song genre's track-list.

Now on to the actual future upgrade stuff! Starting with the lesser aspects, the next Red Version update will add the possibility to change the title card's background color to a variety of possibilities, together with the Summer Title Parts Gacha getting a revival with brand-new parts into the mix.


What the next update will mostly be about, however, is the latest console tie-in campaign, as a Dokodon Mystery Adventure event will grant people new songs and customization parts related to the latest Nintendo 3DS Taiko title.


More specifically, we're talking about 5 new songs (consisting of Utsukushiku Sewashiki Danube, 2 Game Music tracks and 2 Namco Originals) and a couple of Petit Charas. If you want to know what the other 4 songs are (outside of their genres), wait for the end of July for more details!

Both reward categories will involve people playing the songs available in Dokodon! Mystery Adventure; as such, a special folder with all the songs included in said game will be available, allowing people to spot them easily to earn the event's tickets.


In fact, to claim the Petit Charas above, players will have to use their 3DS 3 play tickets on their Donder Hiroba for a chance of getting Tia & Popokaka and resident NAMCO SOUNDS composer Linda AI-CUE as chibi companions for their Taiko avatars to enjoy.

As a way to end today's blog entry, we now have the NicoNico link to this Sunday's World Championship 2016 Finals broadcast, featuring, among other things, the guest appearance of Tatsuya Shimizu and his latest song for the tourney's winner, Amaterasu (天照). See you there!


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