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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Literature Review: On Taiko no Tatsujin Olympics Exhibition

In the new Literature Review format, we briefly summarize and link to a selection of editorial post (i.e. not press releases) like interviews with the team during events.

Remember when we preview about a Hong Kong shopping centre hosting a large-scale Taiko no Tatsujin exhibition featuring actual cabinets for free-play? Yeah, the Hong Kong person haven't got time for exclusive original report, but one day I swear.

In for the occasion, series producer Ken Nakadate and visual design lead Takehito Sasaoka travelled all the way to oversee the event. Some of Hong Kong's lifestyle magazine editorial got in touch with them and conducted interviews.

Coinciding with visit by top-class Hong Kong Donders, including WCS2016 Hong Kong representative Ghost, some of the reporters also got to talk to them on general Dondership and their rise to expertise.

The event still has one-and-a-half month to it, ending on August 31 2016. The pop-up merch store opens only on Fridays through Sundays.

Link to original post (Unwire.hk)
Link to original post (HK01)
Link to original post (Metro HK)
Link to original post (BK Milk, with producers) (with Donders)

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