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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Namco Taiko Blog (June 21 2016) - From White To Red: White ver. Version Update (V10.04)

Surprise Namco Taiko Blog! As we are already more than aware of Red ver., the current White ver. needs this final version update to make way for the new. On June 30, these inter-version matters will come including:

  • Closing White ver. Ranking Dojo and Taiko School
  • Disabling high scores on song select screen until Red ver.
  • Cabinet rankings to be wiped clean onwards to Red ver., or frozen if staying at White ver. after Red ver. release
  • Other preparatory works

(what do you mean I just copied this from the last version change)

Again no DonChare will be arranged for July, as always with the rush of logistics across versions.

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