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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Namco Taiko Blog (30 June 2016) - Red Version Launch Details, the Donder's Cut

Say, remember that article from Famitsu of last Monday? Of course you do, since it was our first official news source for the incoming Taiko no Tatsujin firmware update!

It's also the topic of June 2016's last Taiko Team blog entry, adding slightly more content to talk about for the purposes of this very blog entry.

One big thing we forgot to report last time was that the Famitsu article also had brief  bio/comment portions from the artists making the newcomer Namco Originals Time Traveler (タイムトラベラー) and Antonio (アントニオ). Luckily for us, today's Taiko Blog entry re-posting said portions allows us to feature them here while still staying topical!

First in line is the independent composer Ito Kashitaro (伊東歌詞太郎), creator of Time Traveler. With his former composition gaining a lot of popularity around the Internet with over 27 million video hits, he's slowly starting to branching out in new fields, with his latest vocal-enhanced track being a Taiko no Tatsujin exclusive.

In his brief commentary about the song, he's hoping that the players will feel like playing an instrument with Kashitaro himself while playing Time Traveler!

For Namco Original song Antonio, we instead have the 2012 idol unit known as You'll Melt More! (ゆるめるモ!), currently consisting of six members. As of July 10th this year, two of the unit's members are leaving, with Mone graduating and Chibo being transferred to the sister group Let's PocoPoco; in other words, Antonio will be the last song with the unit current member formation. For this song, the YMM girls are joined by Ai Kobayashi (小林愛) as the lyricist and Mamoru (マモル) from nhhmbase as the composer.

Speaking for the group in the blog entry is YMM member Chiffon, describing Antonio as a song set to stimulate the listeners' imagination with some cutesy singing. Chiffon herself imagines to be in a 6-member party in a role-playing game while listening to this song, and she feels honored to join the Taiko no Tatsujin song roster with her unit for the fact of making bigger a game series that is appreciated not only by people from all ages, but overseas fans as well!

The rest of the spotlighted content is nearly the same as the former Famitsu.com article, so we'll just leave you with a newly-released picture of the Dokodon! Mystery Adventure outfit combo that can be unlocked by playing Sekai wa Itsudemo Mystery on Red Version. See you at the livestream for more details about the next firmware!

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