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Thursday, June 2, 2016

First Video: Yomi no Izanami and V Version's Last Warriors

 Yomi no Izanami (黄泉のイザナミ) (4/6/7/8; 876 notes on Oni)

New songs are on our way, and since today's second Taiko Team blog entry (which we're currently in the process of its translation) is all about this song, it's natural for us to feature the 5th God Collection track first. This 5-people work can be easily compared in difficulty terms to Megamina Sekai II, as both songs are quite long with a relatively high note count and a tempo change near the end that is reflected into the song's notechart.

 After the jump are V Version's very last new additions, brought to us by the final DLC pack.

 Checkmate!? Dagashi Kashi (3/5/6/8; 408 notes on Oni)

Following Sugar Song to Bitter Step's... steps, here's another Oni challenge based on slow scrolling and upbeat tempo, based on the Dagashi Kashi Anime's opening theme. While featuring some 1/24 clusters in the mix, this song has the lowest Oni notecount among the two, so this should be a safer piece to practice with.

  Neko Kujira (ねこくじら) (9*; 826 notes on Oni)

Missing the Sanpo Ura shenanigans and wanting to relive those without the almost continous streams? If that's the case, the latest Namco Original Ura Oni is up of your alley, picking up the hardest bits of the song's revamped Oni Chart from Wii 3 and making them commonplace.

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