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Friday, May 20, 2016

3DS3 Update: Pickups from May 19 Livestream and May 20 Website Update

What today's website update adds is basically what we saw yesterday on the stream, so here's a dedicated post before our usual livestream recap just to say that no, we did not miss stuff this time.

Newly Confirmed Songs
 ヤマタイ★ナイトパーティー Yamatai Night Party
   コバヤシユウヤ(IOSYS) feat.ちよこ Yuuya Kobayashi (IOSYS) feat. Chiyoko
 闇の魔法少女 Yami no Mahou Shoujo
   Silver Forest feat.アキ Silver Forest feat. Aki
 ガンスリンガーシンデレラ Gunslinger Cinderella
 魔方陣 -サモン・デルタ- Mahoujin -Summon Delta-
 双竜ノ乱 Sou'ryuu no Ran Console debut
   世阿弥 Zeami

DLC: Early Purchase Campaign (Free for Aug 4-31)
 世界ふしぎ発見!オープニングテーマ Sekai Fushigi Hakken! Opening Theme NEW!

DLC: Namco Original Pack 1 (Free for June 16-23, 500 yen, tax excl. after that)
 伝説の祭り Densetsu no Matsuri
 幽玄ノ乱 Yuugen no Ran
   世阿弥 Zeami
 紫煌ノ乱 Shikou no Ran
   世阿弥 Zeami
 風雲志士 Fuunshishi
 束ね糸 Tabaneito NEW!
   はるなば feat.石黒千尋 Harunaba feat. Chihiro Ishiguro

Newly Confirmed Guest Characters

  • Kirby and King Dedede (Kirby's Dream Land) as battle member
  • Phoenix Wright (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney) as battle member
  • Rakitama (Kamisama Minarai: Himitsu no Cocotama) as battle member
  • Goro-sensei (Assassination Classroom) in Taiko Magic
Shop Exclusive Bonus
By purchasing the game at selected stores, the game will come with exclusive QR codes that gives you exclusive alts of in-game battle members.

And exclusively in Lawson convenience stores, if you buy the game in Download Card form there you can also get a QR code that lets you access  ナムコットメドレー Namcot Medley in game.

Pick-up Explains: Battle Member Types and Rows
And we haven't explained the new story mode mechanics too much, so here are some of them scattered throughout future 3DS3 Update features!

So instead of just slots in 3DS2, 3DS3 Mystery Adventure mode has you arrange up to 8 members into three rows: front, middle and back. That is not just a designation, as there are different effects just for putting members in different rows.

As seen from the PV above showing more significant battle footage, you should see that the back row members take less or even no damage, the front rows can take them up for you. In exchange, the attacks will be less accurate (= damage down) because they are also farther away. In that you might have to balance whether to have high HP member shield damage and make more fragile members stay longer, or to have them at the front for optimum output.

The six types of battle members also play into this three-row system like this:
  • Close-range: increased damage dealt when put in the front row (eg. Heracles)
  • Mid-range: reduced damage taken when put in the middle row (eg. Popokaka, Takkun)
  • Long-range: does not suffer reduced damage dealt like other members when put in the back row
  • Defense: undertakes some of the damage to members one row behind them, reducing their damage taken (eg. Tikkun)
  • Magical: row effects does not affect them (eg. Tia)
  • Recover: heals members one row in front of them
If you cannot decide for yourself what to use in this more intricate system, you can have Popokaka arrange the team for you. It is probably not going to suck more than you would have put yourself...?

As always though, members attacking depends on you getting good combo numbers compared to their speed, so if you cannot keep a combo running, even a great team can't help.

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