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Friday, March 25, 2016

Twitter Snippets (24-25 March 2016) - We Missed Stuff/March '16 Edition

As much as we strife for timely Taiko coverage, it's no surprise for us that we might get shafted by news coming from unusual places, be it with smartphone Taiko gaming (of which we also messed up last week) or interesting tweets, three of which being quite relevant for the series not to be reported!

The first one above is just a reminder of the third Taiko x Syncronica collaboration event, now featuring the jacket art for the two new transplanted Taiko songs. Check out the campaign's page for a bigger resolution of both!

Up next we have an almost-last-hour reminder from the Taiko Team to watch a livestream that was aired earlier today, featuring -among the other topics- a PV version of Audio De Ka! in occasion of the song's Taiko launch of last Wednesday. Sadly, no video footage about the Taiko-related portion can be found elsewhere on the Internet as of now.

Our last tweet is shelved behind a jump, as this has been trending the most among this trio! Delve further and you'll see why...

For all the people hoping for a pure Taiko x Bemani collaboration event, it appears that the Taiko Team seems to be interested on the topic, while concerning a not-series-proprietary circle of songs! In occasion of an imminent goal for the related Facebook page, the Hinabitter (ひなビタ♪) musical project started by Tomosuke Funaki might actually have a chance for a Taiko no Tatsujin collaboration!

We've already (briefly) introduced the project in one of our past Sympho-Neighbours features (link), but be sure that you'll hear more detailed information if this rumored collaboration will become a concrete reality.

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