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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Namco Taiko Blog 2 (17 March 2016) - White Version's New God Collection Songs

As we already know from last week, the God Collection folder in White Version will have two new Namco Originals coming next Thursday, joining aran and Massive New Krew's debut Taiko works. For today's second blog entry, Etou has gathered their authors' comments!

The songs' creators, as revealed in the last livestream with the top picture, are the same composers from the IOSYS doujin who brought the first couple of Namco Originals from the circle, complete of dedicated mini-albums for both! While this doesn't seem a likely scenario for the songs (for now, at least), D. watt and Yuuya Kobayashi have left their impressions and tidbits about the lore touched in the songs, both related to mythology and composition details.

Starting with D. watt's song, Shiritsu Takama-ga-hara Gakuen Koukou Kouka will be about the work of the most famous teacher in the heavenly grounds' most prestigious private institute. After yanking the idea to a sequel song of his barbecue-based Taiko track, D. watt admitted that this radio song's creation mostly went on by trial and error, in the search of something that would tell both the solemnity and fun of the teacher god's position while teaching to two (currently unknown) students. The lyrics for the song are supplied by Yuuya Kobayashi, who adopted a quite different approach from his next Taiko no Tatsujin work...

In fact, My Muscle Heart is intended to be the opening theme for a fictional magical girl-styled mock-up series, starring the muscular heroine Takeminakata defending the country enemy attacks, together with the help of the gothic-looking magical heroine Takemikazuchi. Yuuya Kobayashi made the song so that people listening it could feel both the heroine's muscular puissance and strong emotions. For today's blog entry, D. watt went one step ahead and pitched the fictional anime's story setting! While we'll be going in more detail in a future occasion on this topic, we can  already tell that many of the classic Anime tropes for the magical girl genre are up and accounting... with more muscles than usual!

For those who are interested, both songs have an audio preview clip on the blog entry for everyone to enjoy.

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