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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Dokodon! Mystery Adventure Website Now Open!

At this point, we're already used to the Taiko Team not directly advertising the reveal of new console games or related updates on Twitter or their blog; nevertheless, the latest portable entry of the series has now a fully-operative website! Here's what the launch version of this Internet space adds new information to the already-known early details of the next Nintendo game.

First of all, we're sad to state that no new names in the base song list are revealed from the launch batch; however, the usual ??? markings on the song list page tell us how many additional songs are planned for the not-licensed song genres! More specifically there are 5 unknown songs planned for the Classic genre, 10 more for the Game Music one and 19 extra Namco Original songs! Adding those to the already-revealed 37 tracks we have a launch song list of 71 tracks, between default and unlockable songs.

Coming to Adventure mode, we only have its general structure, as well as a quick bio of the game's heroes and newcomer villains from the secret society Hexaglia, pictured below.

From left: Lily, Arnold, Deborah, Matthias

Finally, the website confirms that DLC support (mostly for songs) will be returning from the previous 3DS title! Plus, much like with Don to Katsu no Jikuu Daibouken, there will be a song DLC that is going to be free for a limited time! Said song is Umi no Koe, the heatedly discussed theme song from the "Three Taros" series of commercial by au, available from launch day to October 31st, 2016 for free. Two more song DLC are also planned as freebies for early buyers, but for those we'll have to wait a little more.


If you want to visit the website for yourself, click here!

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