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Friday, March 11, 2016

3DS3 Update: More Teaser Launch Announcement Information

In which we pick up from the last post and get to the mechanics and story stuff from the scans and more. By the way, the teaser site is now up at 3ds3-mys.taiko-ch.net, with little actual content than release specs.

Nothing much is known about the story, other than that Don-chan (and Kat-chan) will be going on a tour on the world's mystery spots with new friends Tia (girl) and Popokaka (monkey). The antagonists this time are the members of the secret society Hexaglia in the hunt for a certain Lion Fang Necklace.

Story Mode
As to how to play the story mode, this looks somewhat similar to 3DS2's 3D overworld adventure, but the battle system is much powered up. Now both sides can have a maximum of 8 party members, scattered across 9 spots between front, center and back, possibly with some sort of intricacies. If you cannot decide, Popokaka can give you a hand in generating a suggested line-up.

The Gekitotsu note returns from Wii2 and works the same, with a rapid showdown of drumroll decides the receiving end of significant damage. The new gauge will release Taiko Magic for a specially-charged effect.

And in collaboration with the Ace Attorney is a little Phoenix Wright available to recruit as Maybe this has to do with Ace Attorney 6 releasing (which has another scoop in the same Famitsu issue) but dunno anyway.

The story mode also has more multiplayer aspects than 3DS2, where you can take your whole teams to battle with or against other players. Download Play is also available for this.

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