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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Taiko Plus STH - Device Compatibility List

While the recently-released Taiko Plus STH actually got a 1.0.1 update (required to play the game) for NuPlayer support, the news that Android players were waiting the most is an actual compatibility list for the app. While the Google Play store is still silent on the topic, the app is now addressing the issue since yesterday!

By checking out the in-game News menu (= the leftmost option with a mail icon in the main menu), it's now possible to see which smartphones are allowed to play the app at its fullest, ranging from Xperia to GALAXY and AQUOS models. We won't be posting here the full list of supported phones, but it's already possible for everyone to see if your smartphone is one of the supported models.

Please remember that not-supported smartphones that are able to run the app can't be used to play Oni modes for any songs.

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