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Thursday, February 25, 2016

First Video: Game Version 5.07's New Songs

It's arcade version update time yet again! See with us today's newly-introduced song quintet.

 Dokkin♦ Mahou Tsukai PreCure! (Dokkin♦ 魔法つかいプリキュア!) (1/2/4/5; Kantan Papa Mama Support; 345 notes on Oni)

The latest of the PreCure songs on Taiko fares on the easy side of Oni modes once again, with easy-to-read 1/16 note patterns and a dash of mono-color clusters and 1/12 spacing to slightly spice things up.

 QUESTION Assassination Classroom (3/5/6/7; 450 notes on Oni)

Skipping the 2nd opening theme right ahead (which still got some representation in the third Taiko Wii U game), White Version lodges the Assassination Classroom anime's 3rd opening theme with another 7-star Oni challenge, featuring not many charting surprises among the other 7* Oni songs of the genre.

 talking Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider (3/5/5/8; 384 notes on Oni)

Game Version 5.07's last Anime song is also the highest-rated of the bunch on the Oni side, featuring an average quantity of 1/16 small clusters under an easy-to-handle scrolling speed.

 Tooriyo (トオリヨ) Tezuka feat. Kagamine Rin/Kagamine Len (3/5/6/8; 664 notes on Oni)

Lokamp's choice for the totally legit "MY EARS ARE BLEEDING" award for CreoFuga '16 songs, Tooriyo sports a surprising number of cluster and repetition-chained notechart portion under a speedy-paced BPM, for an Oni challenge where 1/16 charting is the norm

 Houkago☆Magician (ほうかご☆マジシャン) Marine Base (4/6/6/8; 585 notes on Oni)

We've seen how magicians dream in the past, now it's time to see how they fare after school! Compared to the update's other 8-star Oni songs, Houkago☆Magician perfectly sits in the middle in terms of difficulty degree, thanks to its average amount of notes/clusters and the occasional curve balls in terms of pattern timing/spacing tricks.

If the singer sounds familiar to you, that's because we've already heard of her in Taiko gaming! Behind the alias of Marine Base, in fact, lies Mariko Takei (真理子武井), already singer of Namco Original super star shooter as part of the Her Ghost Friend unit. On Twitter, she also posted the song's lyrics (link) for those who are interested!

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