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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Eringi no Ekubo Lyrics

Composer: Yuuji Masubuchi (増渕裕二)
Vocal: Mika Sato (佐藤美香)

かんで ころがして コロリ
ポロリ ローカロリー
いつも あなたとなら うらら
トロリ とろけちゃう


みずいろのエクボ びんのなか
あなたを みつけた
Uh ずっと、もっと、して
Uh そっと、ぎゅっと、して
ビタミン あげるの

English translation
Chewing and rolling, it rolled over
Loosely, with low calorie
Always, if I am with you, beautiful
Creamy, and not at all melting
Your smiling face and long breath

Softly and gently
It is warm, right?

Aqua-colored dimple, between the sideburns
I have found you
Uh, much and more of doing this
Of the moment, to eternity
Uh, softly and tightly doing this
Giving you vitamins

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