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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Behind the Drums: Yoshinori Kawamoto

Born on December 27th, 1965, Yoshinori Kawamoto (川元 義徳) is a music composer affiliated with Namco since the 80ies. His contribution to the franchise have roots sprouting from before the Taiko franchise's very existence, as he was involved in the advertising portion for the distribution of the very first arcade machine. His many aquaintances in the musical field have been the starting point for different kinds of perks along the years, such as the CreoFUGA song contests' inception and the appearance of selected singers and voice actresses in the franchise (most notably unmo and mother/daughter couple Kikuko and Honoka Inoue). Yoshinori Kawamoto is also known in the Team to be a huge Kyary Pamyu Pamyu fan, as he often applies for charting her songs that appear in the series.

As a music producer in Taiko no Tatsujin games, his role mainly concerns the creation of notecharts, with his first one being for the Vocaloid track Ninjin Nin. For his charting methods, Kawagen Collagen became notorious for making his works without forcing any inclusion/exclusion of notes due to focusing on the creation of special combo-numbered songs, although some of his Oni notecharts may still sprung some unintended number-plays. One of his most popular ones -the 797 ('Na-ku-na', or "Don't Cry") from Sotsu Omeshiki- is often used as a symbol and a t-shirt motif for most of his Taiko-related public cameos. As of February 2017, his work portfolio includes about 40 songs charted.

In recent years, Kawagen Collagen has become one of the most recurring main hosts of the Taiko Team's livestream sessions, together with Daifuku and the seasoned Etou-Takemoto duo. He doesn't flinch when it comes to talking about notechart creation mentality, let alone being the un-official guest star interviewer most of the times!


  • Ninjyary Bang Bang (にんじゃりばんばん)
  • ideal white
  • only my railgun
  • Attakai'n Dakara (あったかいんだからぁ♪)
  • Lassen Gorelai (ラッスンゴレライ)
  •  Lassen Gorelai (ラッスンゴレライ)
  • Ninjin Nin (にんじんにん)
  • Eccentric w (エキセントリックw)
  • Maow (まおぅ)
Game Music
  • Diver
Namco Original
  • Aisowarai (愛想笑い)
  • Jikuu Chou Jikuu 1-Ka (時空庁時空1課)
  • Sotsu Omeshiki (そつおめしき)
  • Tokyo Tokkyo Kyo Kyokakyoku Kyokucho!! (東京特許キョ許可局局長!!)
  • Purupuru Simple (ぷるぷるしんぷる)
  • Caramel Time☆ (カラメルタイム☆)
  • Denshi-drum no Tatsujin (電子ドラムの達人)
  • G Ishiki Kajou (G意識過剰)
  • Tokyo Soda 8Bit Edit (東京ソーダ 8Bit Edit)
  • Jikuu Chou Sousa 2-Ka (時空庁捜査2課)
  • Shugaku Travelers (シューガク トラベラーズ)
  • Natsumono☆ (ナツモノ☆)
  • Cross Blue (クロス・ブルー)
  • Megamina Sekai I (女神な世界I)
  • Megamina Sekai II (女神な世界II)
  • Break Line (ブレイクライン)
  • Love Fantasy (恋幻想(Love Fantasy))
  • Princess of Donder
  • Netemo Netemo (ネテモネテモ)
  • Antonio (アントニオ)
  • Sotsu Omeshiki 2-ban (そつおめしき2ばん)
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