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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Behind The Drums: Tomoyuki Hamada @ t+pazolite

Born October 10th, 1985, Tomoyuki Hamada (浜田知幸) is an hardcore-speedcore composer and one of the eldest members of the HARDCORE TANO*C music circle. In activity since 2004, his first works include a wide variety of Bemani Simulation Files (BMS for short) behind the signature of many aliases; for his musical compositions, however, he sticks with the t+pazolite alias. He's the owner of the C.H.S. music label (standing for "Cutie & Headshaking Sounds"), under which all of his albums are published.

The t+pazolite alias has to be read as 'topazolite', referencing the yellow-green variety of the andradite garnet mineral. Still, the reason behind this nickname choice is (and possibly will remain) a mystery, as Tomoyuki Hamada himself has admitted in a late 2015 interview that he simply forgot about it.

Being introduced to Taiko grounds thanks to the first edition of the Tenkaichi Otogesai cross-over tournament, t+pazolite eventually made it having some songs made especially for Bandai Namco's drumming franchise, as well as being a guest in several of the Taiko Team's Nicovideo livestream events.

Outside of Taiko gaming, his scores can be found on SOUND VOLTEX as contest-winning entries, as well as being generously relevant in Taito's Groove Coaster series and Sega's Maimai and Chunithm.


Namco Original
  • Shiny Kung-fu Revival
  • !!!Chaos Time!!! (!!!カオスタイム!!!)
  • DokuLO CANdy♡ (毒LOCANdy♡)
  • Kawatare-doki no Yuuwaku (彼は誰時の誘惑)
Game Music
  • Garakuta Doll Play
  • Surf Zapping
Other Music Games

  • Kick-ass Kung-fu Carnival (replay2014)
  • It's a '10 Bats' feat. Rizna
beatmania IIDX
  • OTENAMI Hurricane
  • UMMU
  • Tomorrow Perfume (tpz Despair Remix)
  • Crack Traxxxx
  • Daily Lunch Special (tpz Overcute Remix)
  • Electric "Sister" Bitch
  • Renegade Fruits
  • Make Magic
  • TRICKL4SH 220
  • Kemumaki underground (ケムマキunderground)
  • 256*256
Groove Coaster
  • Satisfiction
  • OMAKENO Stroke
  • Groove Prayer -tpz Despair Remix-
  • Marry Me, Nightmare
  • QLVA
  • My Voice is Dead.
  • Mikakunin Gensou Coaster (未確認幻想コースター)
  • tete+a+tete
  • Good Night, Bad Luck.
  • Sayo no Theme ~topazo no Arrange~ (小夜のテーマ ~とぱぞのアレンジ~)
  • Blew Moon
  • Oshama Scramble!
  • Contrapasso -paradiso-
  • Our Wrenally
  • Infantoon Fantasy
  • Contrapasso -inferno-
Simultaneous Debut
  • Angelic Jelly - beatmania IIDX / jubeat / SOUND VOLTEX
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