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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Behind the Drums: Sariya-jin

Sariya-jin is an independent composer/singer, whose real name still lies in mystery. Having started to make content on the Internet in 2channel (2ch)'s Karaoke board, her rise to popularity has happened thanks to her Niconico channel, where she sings both covers and original songs.

During the years, she has had many singing roles with other independent units such as Silver Forest and TatshMusicCircle for the creation of custom Touhou arrangement songs. She's also known as Sari when she's being credited as the singer of the Sweet Simple Little World unit.

Sariya-jin's musical rise in Taiko gaming have intersected in the transition period between the second and third generation of arcade gaming, most of the times singing to songs composed by either independent composers or NAMCO SOUNDS personalities.


All the songs below feature Sariya-jin as its singer, unless differently specified.

Namco Original
  • Ao no Senritsu (蒼の旋律)
  • Chiheisen no Aeolia (地平線のエオリア) - lyrics
  • Marble Heart (マーブルハート) - composer, singing, lyrics
  • Zero no Nocturne (零の夜想曲)
  • Zero no Rhapsody (零の狂詩曲)
  • Cross Blue (クロス・ブルー)
  • Break Line (ブレイクライン)
Other Music Games

beatmania IIDX
  • Trust -MATERIAL ver- (IIDX Edition)
Groove Coaster
  • FOUR SEASONS OF LONELINESS verβ feat. Sariya-jin (FOUR SEASONS OF LONELINESS verβ feat.サリヤ人)
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