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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Twitter Snippets (27 February 2016) - Taiko's Tokaigi 2016 Preparations on Nicovideo

Want to hear in advance how the first batch Creofuga '15 contest winners will sound like in their definitive form? Courtesy of the Taiko Team's efforts, now you can! Since yesterday, videos of the six songs that will be available to try are available on both Bandai Namco's Nicovideo channel (linked above) and on their JP Youtube counterpart.

From these videos, we can already tell some name changes on both songs and artists, as follows:
  • M-O-T-U's winning song will be spelled as SstTAarR*, and will give credit to the use of Hatsune Miku's voice in its subtitle (M-O-T-U feat. Hatsune Miku);
  • The same fate will occur to Onigiri wa Doko Kashira's subtitle that, predictably enough, will display Yomii feat. Hatsune Miku as its artist;
  • Finally, Chouzetsu-Gikoukei Shoujo will have as its subtitle the name of the fictional unit behind the song, rather than just the main composer/singer Nekomirin: Nekokaburi Cyclone (ねこかぶりサイクロン); as the videos do credit to, this alias stands for the combined efforts of Nekomirin and xi, an independent composer who gained popularity in the last few years due to multiple contributions on many rhythm games (the latest of which for the 2nd Tenkaichi Otogesai tournament).
Also being shared by the Team today are the links to the Tokaigi live broadcast on Nicovideo for both Saturday and Sunday, already advertising the contribution of Japanese "let's play" groups such as M.S.S. Project among others for some live challenges. Both live broadcasts will start at 11 am (Japan time).

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