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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Tournament Mode In Action!

In which we decided to show the proceedings of a random non-official tournaments between two very top-level Donders. Well at least the fact that another cabinet has apparently been forcefully used to relay the Taiko footage is funny... kinda.

No, the main reason is to show off Tournament Mode (大会モード) added in the middle of Murasaki ver.'s lifespan with a delayed notice, which has the following possible effects:

  • A big sign that covers the usual opening animations showing that the mode is on
  • Timers never go down by itself and will not forcefully boot players into the next screens before they are truly ready
  • Options can be pre-set by the organizers, overriding any user defaults if needed
  • Results screens do not go away by itself and takes 5 rim hits to proceed, giving time for organizers/marshals time to jot down the scores
  • No DonPoints and title unlocks :(
Remember that this mode is accessible only to arcade room staff, so for all the aspiring tournament organizers that want to enjoy the full extent of this mode, contact the arcade room in advance to set things up.

NB, Black strips that cover the score during the songs are a physical addition by the organizers. That is not part of the Tournament Mode.

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