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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Quick Takeaways: Tokaigi/Game Party Japan 2016

Source: eSports Runner Taiko no Tatsujin Club (@eSR_taikobu) and wikihouse/taiko talk page comments


  • Prefecture Match across April 1~30
  • First place emerges
  • Song choices:
  • Preliminary: Geragerapo no Uta / Yokai Taisou Dai'ichi / Tonari no Totoro / XY&Z / Let It Go ~Ari no Mama de~ (all Futsuu), 
  • Finals: Detective Conan Main Theme (Muzu, 1st matches) / Guren no Yumiya (Muzu, runner-up match) / Hard Knock Days (Oni, champion match)
  • Shop Preliminary across March 19~April 24, Area Match across May 21~June 5 (tentative)
  • One champion emerges from each of 21 areas
  • Song choices:
  • Shop Preliminary: Kagayaki o Motomete / Choco Chiptune. / Toori Yo
  • Area Match: Onigiri wa Doko Kashira / Rin / SstTAaR* / Kokorobo* / Climb! Mount Parfait / Chouzetsu-gikoukei Shoujo

Other WCS2016
  • Play tournament song choices during tournament periods to get Petit-charas
  • Consolation Frame (敗者復活枠): Online tournament for qualified preliminary players only
  • Qualification Battle (出場枠争奪戦): Online tournament for all other Donders not getting a chance to qualify. No age limit. Cannot double-enter with Consolation Frame.
  • Etou is responsible for notecharting Rin, and has finished a prototype on 1/30 night which is shown on 1/31. Has a slowdown like Yozakura Braiders towards the end and ends with five kats with the last piano strum.

Official MyBachis

  • Official MyBachis Trial-play at selected shops across February 6~29
  • SORA-I Earthrise and SORA-II Gliese 581 added to those shops' AC0 cabinets
  • Both songs released to all AC0 cabinets on March 1

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