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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Taiko Wii U 3 Unlock Guide

Currently work-in-progress page. Costumes, Taiko Sounds and Miiverse frames coming soon!

To view the stamp album, click here.

Unlockable features on this game such as outfits, modifiers and songs are granted through one of the in-game gacha (capsule) machines under the Mekadon Gacha section, accessible through the main menu.

Each gacha can be used by paying a specific amount of Don Koban (ドン小判), which are awarded to the players by either clearing songs, fulfilling achievements for the Stamp Album or playing the side modes (Baton Pass/Intro-Don/Tomodachi Daisakusen).

Don Kobans are also awarded by using any of Nintendo's amiibo devices (both figurines and cards) into the dedicated amiibo menu, with the limitation of one amiibo usage per figurine/card used with the game in a day. By using specific amiibo devices, it's also possible to obtain a set of unlockable content related to the amiibo used, most of which can be collected exclusively through amiibo unlock.

There are four separate gacha machines for songs, costumes, Taiko sounds and Miiverse stamps, as well as a special Ura Oni/amiibo song gacha unlocked after maxing out the song gacha. Although if most of the rolls will result in the unlock of a reward, watch out as some of the capsules might be empty!

Amiibo unlocks

Costume (Body): Animal Crossing (どうぶつの森)
Frame: Animal Crossing (どうぶつの森)
Song: Animal Crossing New Leaf Medley (とびだせ どうぶつの森 メドレー)
-Tap any of the Animal Crossing amiibo devices (both figurines and cards work)

Costume (Body): Pac-Man (パックマン)
Frame: Pac-Man (パックマン)
Song: EAT'EM UP!
-Tap a Pac-Man amiibo

Mekadon Gacha Unlocks

Songs (5 Don Koban each)
First Movement from Symphony No.25 (交響曲第25番ト短調より 第一楽章)
Die Forelle (ます)
Maou (まおぅ)
Alborada del Gracioso (道化師の朝の歌) 
Symphonic Medley No.1 (シンフォニックメドレー第1番)
Tritsch Tratsch Polka (トリッチトラッチポルカ)
Chikochiko (千鼓千鼓)
Puchipochi (プチポチ)
Baladium's drive
Yokai Dochuuki Ondo (妖怪道中記音頭)
Mojipittan Medley (もじぴったんメドレー)
Lovely-X (ラブリーX)
Knuckle Heads (ナックルヘッズ)
Picopico Mappy (ピコピコ マッピー)
Wonder Momoi (ワンダーモモーイ)
Koi wa Mizuiro (恋はみずいろ)
Where is the Target?
Sports Digestdon  (スポーツダイジェスドン)
Maigo no UFO (迷子の U F O)
Shugaku Travelers (シューガク トラベラーズ)
Nagisa no Andromeda (渚のアンドロメダ)
Kaze no Fantasy (風のファンタジー)
Kathiawar no Cutlass (カッティアワールの宝剣)
Mahoujin -Summon Delta- (魔方陣 -サモン・デルタ-)
Meena no Oyashiki (ミーナのおやしき)
Hayabusa (隼)
Yami no Tamashii (闇の魂)
Yuugen no Ran (幽玄ノ乱)
Kechadon 2000 (ケチャドン2000)
Tenjiku 2000 (てんぢく2000)
Norudon 2000 (ノるどん2000)

Costumes (2 Don Koban each)

Taiko Sounds (1 Don Koban each)

Miiverse Stamps (1 Don Koban each)

Ura Modes/Amiibo Songs (7 Don Koban each) (1*)
Animal Crossing New Leaf Medley (とびだせ どうぶつの森 メドレー) 
 Lassen Gorelai (ラッスンゴレライ)
 Juumensou colorful ver. (十面相 colorful ver.)
 Luka Luka Night Fever (ルカルカ☆ナイトフィーバー)
 Baladium's Drive
 Yokai Dochuuki Ondo (妖怪道中記音頭)
 Soul Calibur II (ソウルキャリバーⅡ)
 Lovely-X (ラブリーX)
 Kimi to Hibiku Harmony (キミと響くハーモニー)
 Sports Digestdon (スポーツダイジェスドン)
  Many wow bang!
 Sacred Ruin (セイクリッド ルイン)
 Shin Garyoutensei (真・画竜点睛)

Gashadokuro (がしゃどくろ) - Unlock all the items from all the Mekadon Gacha machines.

(1*): The Ura Modes gacha appears after the unlock of every item in the Songs gacha.

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