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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Namco Taiko Blog (December 18 2015): Official MyBachis, More of Your Questions Answered

Daifuku drops in with this bonus official blog post answering Donders' further questions with the Official MyBachis. Take a look in the five categories!

Official MyBachi Specs
  • Q1-1: How long and thick will the sticks be?
    A1-1: Length approx. 350mm and thickness approx. 20.5mm in diameter is the current expectation.
  • Q1-2: Will there be places for Donders to put on stickers or write my own name on the sticks?
    A1-2: Technically there will be: it is okay to do so on the grip tape but in particular please do not do so on the wooden part. In official tournaments, if organizers deem the additions dangers the tournament proceedings from pre-match checks, the sticks will not be allowed to be used.
  • Q1-3: Is it okay to double- or even multiple-wrap the sticks in grip tape?
    A1-3: There is no particular guidelines to how you wrap grip tape so long as it is wrapped in grip tape, and that the Taiko no Tatsujin branding is not covered. But if you decided to replace the grip tape, and in official tournaments if organizers deem the additions dangers the tournament proceedings from pre-match checks, the sticks will not be allowed to be used.
Here, it is hard to say what actually constitutes what is okay and what is "being deemed dangers the tournament proceedings", because everyone wraps grip tape/put on stickers/write names in different ways. Judgement have to be made only when the real thing is inspected to determine whether it is allowed on the match. The most suggested is to still use the sticks completely unaltered from its state at sale.

Pre-order and Retrieval
  • Q2-1: I am busy in early March, and I can't get the pre-ordered sticks on time. Is it okay to leave it to say until April?
    A2-1: Pre-ordered sticks can still be obtained up to within half a year after ordering.
  • Q2-2: Can I order on behalf of other people/order multiple pairs?
    A2-2: Yes. The production of the sticks is built to order, and so there are no limits to how many one person can buy.
Selling at Next Gen WHF
  • Q3-1: Are the stock quotas separate by day for the pre-sale at the convention?
    A3-1: Yes, the stock are limited by day. The Tokyo show (Jan 23 and 24) has separate stocks for both days. Stayed tuned for more detailed selling arrangements as they come out.
Future Selling
  • Q4-1: Will there be selling points outside Namco stores?
    A4-1: Currently only Namco store pre-orders and Next Gen WHF are slated to sell the sticks. In the future, the Team will consider additional outlets like other stores and on the internet. Stayed tuned for more detailed schedules and lists of locations as they come out.
  • Q4-2: About when will the general selling happen?
    A4-2: Not yet decided at the moment, with further adjustments in the works. Stay tuned for more details as they come out.
Use in Official Tournaments
Here is a comprehensive chart to show which events allow the Official MyBachis and which don't! (English translation and overlay by us)
Note: M+ = middle School and up, E- = elementary School and below

In the tournaments where Official MyBachis are allowed, any finalist who wants to use the Official MyBachis but does not have a pair can loan from the organizers. And sticks attached with cabinets are always allowed.

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