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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Namco Taiko Blog (December 10 2015): Taiko no Tatsujin Official MyBachi Talk


This is basically a full recap for the Official MyBachi corner from the December 9th livestream, but everything in written helps us put everything in English. Let's see if these officially recognized sticks to own make you interested!

What are MyBachis?
Bachis are the sticks used to play the traditional Taiko drum, and for Taiko no Tatsujin they are attached to the cabinet available for any players to use. And MyBachis are the personally owned and highly customized versions that some Donders choose to have. There are no hard-set rules and Donders can freely use them however they like. And however of the varies ways they obtain a set, every set can almost be the unique set in the whole world only to one.

What is Wrong with not-official MyBachis?
Customized MyBachis can suffer from safety and fairness issues:

  • MyBachis are not securely tied to the cabinet like the attached sticks, in that they could be flying out of the Donder's hands at any time by accident and hit someone. Also some sticks are more towards the sharp end of the shape spectrum, and could mistakenly poke and hurt other people. And who knows what disaster would these two mishaps clash each other.
  • With no set rules on MyBachis, the experience for each using their set of sticks is different, and makes it hard to maintain fair (=circumstances equal to all) gameplay (so obviously it is banned in most, if not all, tournaments).
Having the advent of Official MyBachi regulated the specs allows for personalized enough accessories and still maintain a fair game for all.

Official MyBachi Specs

Shape: thinner to the end for easier hits, while not sharp enough to pose safety hazards
Weight: officially regulated within 50 grams ±20% accounting for natural variations
Texture: beech wood, chosen among many candidates
Strap: straps onto the wrist to prevent flying out
Grip tape: wraps around to enhance grip
Taiko no Tatsujin branding: official seal branded onto the stick's curve with special processes

Safety with Official MyBachi
Take these safety measures to ensure safety when using the sticks:
  • Always use the strap to secure with your wrist
  • No alterations (adding or removing the material, painting varnish, wrapping with cloth, etc.) allowed on the sticks over factory specs
  • Always use with grip tape. You can replace with other tapes you like, but do not cover the branding
  • Check for abnormalities with the sticks whenever you play, and stop using them if it feels wrong
  • Use only the attached sticks or Official MyBachis
  • Don't use the Official MyBachis on the Wii/Wii U Taiko controller

Compatible with Official Tournaments
The Official MyBachis are made in mind to be allowed on official tournaments, but with that it is important that Donders follow the above rules. Most importantly, no alterations should be done or the sticks will not be allowed to be used, under possible assumptions of hazards.

Location Test Says
The December 4~6 Location Test for the Official MyBachis yielded A majority of Donders reflect that the Official MyBachis plays decently well on hands, only having surmountable feeling of oddness that should be quick to get used to.

Other specific opinions include:
  • Strap doesn't feel like down-to-earth Taiko!
    → Consider adding Don-chan's face for some Taiko familiarity!
  • Grip tape is too short!
    → Consider making it longer!
...and more. Do tell the Team whatever you have in your mind, and together let's make the sticks in the most Donder-friendly state!

Official MyBachi FAQs
  1. Q: Are cabinets going to stop having sticks attached?
    A: No! You can use attached sticks just as you do now.
  2. Q: In what ways are they used if they are not with the cabinets?
    A: It is for you to purchase a set and own it for yourself, and use it on the arcade versions of Taiko no Tatsujin. (See below on how to obtain)
  3. Q: Did the Team commission the Official MyBachis because there are so many hard notecharts now?
    A: No. There is no relation between the Official MyBachis and notechart difficulty. The idea for Official MyBachis came much longer before this, and so happens to coincide with hard notecharts in timing.
  4. Q: Will there are more hard notecharts after releasing the Official MyBachis?
    A: No, none will change from what it has been until now. As stated before, there is no relation between the Official MyBachis and notechart difficulty.
  5. Q: Can you use it in World Championship?
    A: It is usable in WCS2016.
    ※ Except store preliminaries and elementary regional preliminaries
    ※ Can be loaned to those who want to use but does not own a set in area preliminaries and elementary finals
How to obtain?
As of now the Official MyBachi accepts pre-order at selected Namco arcade shops (full list at original post) until February 14 2016. The products can be collected from the same shop when they are stocked in early March (no shipping arranged). Purchasing the sticks by this method also gives you a bonus outfit for AC0, details of which will come later.

A limited stock will also be available at the four sessions of the Next-Generation World Hobby Fair '16 Winter event in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka. Again, more details when the time approaches. Other further releases will be continually decided and announced as time goes.

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