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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Im@s Corner: Miscellaneous Origins Songs

On this page, we are listing all the Idolm@ster-related songs which have been originated from titles and events which are not directly tied with a specific Idolm@ster game in particular.

There have been two instances of this phenomenon in 2015, and in both occasions it directly affected the song selection of the current generation of Taiko no Tatsujin gaming. The first one was a direct collaboration event between the Taiko and Idolm@ster series, both of which scored important milestone anniversaries in 2015 (15th for Taiko and 10th for Im@s). The event is mainly remembered for delivering a new Idolm@ster song to Murasaki Version arcades per week for 7 weeks between April and June 2015, featuring some never-heard-before tracks in the process.

Another source of Idolm@ster songs spawn in media not primarily related to the main Im@s series/spin-off/merchandise is the couple of Idolm@ster Must Songs games, which brought back the Taiko x Im@s collaboration songs with the addition of a few tracks grouped under the "Album EXTRA" genre.


-Miscellaneous Origins songs-

  • Kamisama no Birthday
  • We Have A Dream
  • Machuike Prince
  • Majide...!?
  • Ai MUST GO!
  • Town ~Must Mix~
  • Thinking ~Must Mix~


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