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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Im@s Corner: MASTER SPECIAL Albums

The MASTER SPECIAL album series was released between December 2008 and March 2010, consisting of 10 different albums brought by Columbia Music Entertainment.

Unlike the previous MASTER ALBUM series, this one follows three main themes of song-grouping criteria against the trend of making new solo albums for each of the idols. The first two releases, 765 "Colorful Days" and "961 Overmaster" predated the iDOLM@STER SP series of games' two opposing talent agencies, featuring full-length previews of 765 Pro and 961 Pro's main themes from the aforementioned family of PSP titles. The MASTER SPECIAL albums numbered from 1 to 6 each feature solo performances of the respective two cover idols, while the season-themed "WINTER" and "SPRING" close the circle by offering brand new songs performed by the whole idol cast.

Regardless of each of the album releases' theme structure, the composers involved in the songs' creation face both recurring names to the franchise and new Namco Sounds faces who are known the most for some of their work in other franchises; from the Taiko grounds, for example, we can spot many songs composed by Masubutchi Yuuji, AJURIKA and Linda AI-CUE!

With L・O・B・M making its debut for the third Taiko Wii videogame, all the other MASTER SPECIAL tracks are featured in Must Songs Red Album, as that game's unlockable tracks.



  • L・O・B・M
  • Otome yo Taishi o Idake!!
  • Genki Tripper
  • Reimei Starline
  • livE
  • Next Life
  • arcadia
  • Flower Girl
  • Mythmaker
  • Jitensha
  • Shocking na Kare
  • L'isola


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