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Wednesday, December 30, 2015


ONE FOR ALL is the last title of the series made for the Playstation 3, released on May 15, 2014 as an exclusive title. Like for the SHINY FESTA games, it was also made available as a digital-only expansion to the IM@S CHANNEL free application.

Taking inspiration of the Three Musketeers' 'All for one and one for all' motto, the game focuses on the everyday life of the 765 Pro idols, as they struggle to grow both as popular idols and as good people. For this extent, the game is structured around a main mode which allows to produce from 1 to 3 idols at a time from the 765 Pro studio's affiliated artists by training, acquiring fans and rising your Idol Rank by performing well in rhythm-based challenges against many rivals in the idol world.

Downloadable content for the game mainly comes in form of additional songs, clothes and Story Mode scenarios for each of the 13 girls, most prominently featuring the rival 961 Pro idols and the newcomer 341 Pro girls from Dearly Stars and the Im@s Cinderella Girls/Million Live!/SideM mobile games.

Being the latest home console Idolm@ster title, there weren't a lot of songs from ONE FOR ALL in Taiko gaming at first, although both the first tracks made their debut in really recent games. Thanks to the popularity of the mobile music game THE iDOLM@STER: Starlight Stage, even more tracks from ONE FOR ALL managed to make their debut on Taiko arcade grounds.


-Im@s ONE FOR ALL songs-

  • Accelerator
  • Tsubomi Yumemiru Rapsodia ~Alma no Michibiki~
  • Anzu no Uta
  • Mitsuboshi☆☆★
  • S(mile)ING!
  • Never say never


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