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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Im@s Corner: THE iDOLM@STER (Console)

Released on January 25, 2007, this title is a direct conversion of the 2005 iDOLMASTER arcade designed exclusively for Xbox 360, bringing to the table a major graphical overhaul and extra/tweaked features in comparison to the original game.

Shortly after the original arcade's release, the project of porting the series to the console market was already in the air, as Namco members thought of those who couldn't play the arcade version due to either no arcade rooms with the game or the players feeling embarassed to play an idol game in public. According to Namco Bandai Games producer Yōzō Sakagami, the idea of the game being ported to consoles was a really uncertain one due to hardware/network limitations, but in the end it was settled for the Xbox 360 due to the Xbox Live service's functionalities.

The game plays just like the arcade versions, with the unit-raising activities (Lessons, Communication and Performances) now remolded for a more relaxed play by removing time limits and other arcade-spawn restrictions such as the unit's possibility to fail and retire. Joystick controls meant for the game to have the previously touch-based side activities changes, as well as the graphical engine which was made from scratch.

On Japanese Xbox grounds, this console port is majorly remembered for the the huge impact of the DLC content provided (in form of outfits, a 10th new idol and Idol Dramas), which ultimately lead to the game being responsible of making Japan the area with the highest number of sign-ups to the console's service sold, as well as quadrupling the amount of Microsoft Points sold up until the game's release. And that's only for the launch day!

Together with the returning songs from the arcade version, this port also had new tracks, with some of which also getting relatively quick ports to Taiko gaming months later.


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