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Thursday, December 3, 2015

First Video: V Version's December DLC Debuts

2015/12/03: Reposted with December's new C-POP DLC!

The new lot of DLC songs is out, and with that is the new contender for the "Highest Notecount Chart" category, with X-Japan song  Silent Jealousy (4/6/7/8) and its Ura Oni mode, rated 10 stars.

With the Regular Oni above, we are posting the remaining videos after the jump. How hard will be the new licensed Anime song? Is Silent Jealousy's Ura Oni the new note champion?!?

...about the latter question, nope: Shimedore 2000 is still the notecount king, but  Silent Jealousy comes to a very close 2nd place with 1408 notes. Oh, and did we mention the the regular Oni mode has 1071 notes? Those facts should be already enough of a warning for the fact that the stamina required for a clear is higher than ever!

The other new song for the month is  Sugar Song to Bitter Step (3/4/5/8), from the anime series Kekka Sensen. Despite the laid-back scrolling speed, there are quite a lot of cluster formations to take care of for rookies! Not sure why it will be J-POP in White ver., but there.

And later today we also have intel for the month's new C-POP DLC, this month being only as individual songs.  將軍令 Your Legend (3/4/6/7; 391 notes on Oni) by Mayday is first. To our Chinese-reading audience, note that this is not the same as A General Order (also 將軍令, but by Kenji Wu) in AC11A, but as slow in scroll speed, that's for sure.

The second and final C-POP feature for today is  射手 Marksman (3/6/6/7; 407 notes on Oni) by Magic Power. A rather unrelenting stream of harder clusters makes this a high 7★.

Other than those two at 7HKD / 30NTD each,  Taberuna 2000 is also available to Chinese region Donders for 10HKD / 43NTD... Yeah that's the extent for the Chinese version DLC today. There are quite a lot of licensed picks that it must be hard to get them across the borders.

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