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Thursday, December 24, 2015

First Video: Christmas Eve's White Version Collab Gifts

Christmas is coming, and so did White Version's first software update! Among the returning songs and the Love Live! collaboration items being added in, the brand-new content being added today is a couple of Synchronica songs, coming to Taiko due to the 2nd collaboration event withing Bandai Namco's currently-running arcade music games.

Up there is Taku Inoue's Synchronicity (3/3/6//8), Synchronica's theme song. On Taiko, its most difficult mode is charted similarly to Karui Zawameki, in the sense that the song boasts many even-numbered note clusters and an overall low note count, with the extra of some 1/24 clusters because why not.

The other song coming from the collaboration is New World (3/6/7/9) by LAGITAGIDA, which is also labeled as a Game Music track despite of being yet another arrangement of Dvorak's From The New World symphony. Marvel at the different kinds of note pattern formations being featured in, while you can try finding which part of the notechart was inherited from Taiko games' version of From The New World's Oni mode!

For completion's sake, here's also a video from the latest Taiko song that got ported into Synchronica for this event, which in this case is Season Dragon starter Toryu! While not being labeled as hard as the previously-included 2000 tracks on Technical mode, this 16-rated challenge can really ramp up the challenge by following the piano-played pieces!

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