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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Across Japan: Song List Slip-up Demystified and Tournament Results

Following the report of Asian Murasaki's song list going haywire on Japan White release date, the official Asian Facebook page released a statement on Monday (December 14) stating the error rooted from inadequate confirmation and should have been perfectly preventable, and the Team apologizes for all the inconvenience that is subsequently caused. The errors are since fixed.
(Taiko Time note: Is that what happens when you send White ver. data to Murasaki ver. cabinets without good enough tweaks? The version difference makes all the wrong happen?)

And to a more regular and celebratory note, the results of the triple-deal December 2015 Facebook Tournament are out today (December 16). In short, South Korea's Sesan won both Oni departments with DFC in Shiuryu and 4-good FC in !!!Chaos Time!!!, while Hong Kong's Iyaro took Muzukashii !!!Chaos Time!!! champion with a 2-good FC. In addition to the top-class Donders from Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea, the tables also give spotlight praise to outstanding results from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and India Indonesia. Good job everyone!
Erratum (2015/12/17): Was too sleepy to recognize IDN = Indonesia (post made at local time 22:48). I apologizzzzz...

The next tournament will start with the song announcement on January 6, 2016 and the actual run across January 9~17 and the results announcement on the 20th. Does it allow a time for White ver. to happen to the greater Asia area? All we know about the new version is that preparations are underway and more will be released in due time (and that Murasaki Ranking Dojo are still running in Asia as of now, contrary to that closed in Japan - finally we have something better than them!)

Links to original posts: Error notice / Tournament results, Dec 2015

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