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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Across Japan: (Almost) End-of-version Ranking Dojo Statistics


A big note starting this post: The Murasaki Ranking Dojo is still running as of this posting. It will not be closed until the release of White ver. in Asia.

But yes, similarly to Japan version in previous version, here are the statistics for the Ranking Dojo performance in the greater Asia area's Murasaki ver. cabinets. We now have a grand total of 15 Kurouto (2 gold) and 2 Meijin (1 gold) attainees, although per the comments there seems to be some more Donders being MIA in here. In the middle, 3-dan and 5-dan appears to be an intermediate high hurdle, as a not-insignificant number of Donders are stuck at 2-dan and 4-dan.

For how many more weeks to wait for White ver., it is closing in on the final days to make yourself up the Murasaki ranks. Get on it!

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