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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

V Version Update: "Sold Separately" Launch Songs!

Together with the DLC pack announce of the last Thursday, September's public DLC lineup is now joined by V Version's pre-order and promotional tracks, starring both the three launch free song DLC (Tutti!Uchouten Vivace and Dr.WILY STAGE 1) and the three retailer-exclusive pre-order songs (No Way BackAmazing Grace and Takara no Oka).

Each of these songs can now be bought separately from the game's "Additional Content" store, at the price of 150 Yen each (plus taxes), with the release dates set on today for the free launch DLC songs and on September 3rd for the pre-order tunes.

While there's no word about the Asian DLC distribution plans yet, this is a wonderful occasion for JP-copy users to gather those pesky retailer-exclusive packs, as well as future V Version players who couldn't fetch the three free launch songs in time!

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