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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Twitter Snippets 2 (September 16 2015) - Ranking Dojo Ramblings

In our second Twitter Snippets feature of the day we look at a group of tweets about the Murasaki Ranking Dojo. Above is the as-always data of various clearing statistics as of this Monday (September 14) (not including Asian version, I think). Apparently a big hurdle 3-dan is, when a very big slice of people are stuck at 2-dan.

And to the highest rankers, Takemoto expresses perhaps some expected future opportunity to feature one of the also as-always appreciation name-rolls.

And here is Takemoto's very regretful attempt at 4-dan, missing that very last bit of the spirit gauge to pass. According to him, while he has kept a good maximum combo within Kikyoku Ura, Kuon no Yoru has been the bane in draining much of that spirit. Daifuku, on the other hand, has successfully taken on 4-kyu and is actively looking to challenge 3-kyu. Wishing both good luck on their future challenges!

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