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Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Idolm@ster Must Songs Red/Blue

Breaking the status quo that there is at most one Taiko no Tatsujin handheld console game per year is the de facto The Idolm@ster best album/rhythm game The Idolm@ster Must Songs Red/Blue, releasing on December 10. Today, amidst the ramblings with Tokyo Game Show, the main site for the game is opened, together with the first full-size PV feat. Haruka and Chihaya, as embedded above.

Included Songs
The main difference with the Red and Blue versions is the songs: Red features mostly earlier songs (original AC/CS, Live For You, SP, and the Master Artist/Special albums), while Blue includes the more recent additions to the franchise (2, Shiny Festa, One For All, Dearly Stars, the TV and theater-length animes, and Master Artist 2 albums). And instead of all of them being Game Music, the "genre" in this game is sorted by the songs' first appearance in an Idolm@ster game.

(With 40 songs per game, not repeated between Red and Blue and most of them being new to Taiko, we are not going to list all them here, but ask you to wait for our full song list later. Thanks.)

First is the basic Play Production (演奏プロデュース) aspect, which is just your typical Taiko no Tatsujin gameplay... I don't suppose we need an explanation on that right? With excellent performance in production you will get money (マニー) for various other purposes in the game.

With adequate money you can venture into the other key mode that is the Live Festival (ライブフェスティバル), in which you select various live scenarios and consecutively play a set of song performances. During the show the idols will interact via one-liners, and you can set concert lightsticks by the audience that you can turn on or off.

Play these mode onwards to unlock elements via increasing Producer Rank and Idol Rank, and purchasing at the shop.

Pre-release Stuff
Now although the game is not until December, but preorders are starting already on the same day. If you are a big producer/produceress/Idolm@ster fan, you might be additionally interested in the first-printing pack-in bonus, of two designs of Idolm@ster-themed PlayStation Vita themes.

Meanwhile, you can check out interviews of voice actors for the various idols, starting with Haruka Amami/Eriko Nakamura, Chihaya Kisaragi/Asami Imai and Miki Hoshii/Akiko Hasegawa, hearing their memories with the franchise and what they anticipate and more.

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