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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

TaikOp-ed: WCS2016 Song Contest, Taiko Time Readers' Choice

Thanks for checking out the format pilot for TaikOp-ed, basically a revival of the "pikaby asks" section we haven't seen for a year now but not restricting to pikaby asking. Hit us with anything you think of this!

太鼓の達人 ドンだー!世界一決定戦2016 課題曲募集だドン!

Remember that we are only a little more than one week away from submissions ending (September 30). If you have been wanting to make a song or two for the occasion but haven't finished, this post will serve as the penultimate reminder from us. Get to it!

Meanwhile, for a little filler action, let's open up the comments for you guys to share your favourite entries from the 550+ submissions currently up! Do you like the works from returning victors like Noriyuki? Big-hand creators from other rhythm games say 3R2? Our humble composer/contributor Packer? Or some new awesome find deserving more eyes than they got? Let us and everyone else know!

Japanese entries: https://creofuga.net/contests/taiko2016/entry_list/song
Overseas entries: https://creofuga.net/contests/taiko2016/entry_list/overseas


  1. So far I'm really liking....

    jolly escape (https://creofuga.net/audios/71424)
    Rose Petals (i think that's what it is, translated...? i'm not sure whoops.) (https://creofuga.net/audios/70001)
    Battle Field (https://creofuga.net/audios/71147)
    Rin (Cold?) (https://creofuga.net/audios/67899)

    But those are only a few. Of the songs. That. Are. All. Cluttered. In my bookmarks. List. Haha.

  2. Take a wild guess.

    Jokes aside,MAD PARTY VISION because dat LED-G-esque hardcore unf~
    That said others like 凛,Caelum,Valkyria,RAPID BUSTER,αterlβas also earn my support.

    Riviera caught my ear as well,but it works far better as a full-length song,now the build-up took half the song and by the time it started getting to the meaty bits the song is already over ;_;

    Kuşva's music style stood out to me as well,sounds pretty noir-ish which you don't often see

    Good to see all those BMS and SDVX contributers show up in the contest too,though part of my is a bit disappointed that some of the bigger names like BlackY and wa. still haven't showed up...