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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Staff Interview: Taiko Time 5th Blog Anniversary Edition

The closing point for our blog's 5th Anniversary blog celebrations, this interview corner will see us answering the questions that have been sent by our loyal fans, together with some questions from the staff. Enjoy!


A: aquabluu/pikaby
L: Lokamp
N: nigelliusnitrox
C: CoroQuetz


I) When did you know about the existence of Taiko no Tatsujin for the very first time?

L: Like many Western PC rhythm gamers, I discovered the existence of Taiko no Tatsujin through PC emulating programs and games, the first of which were the freeware osu! (with the Taiko mode) and Taikojiro. A few months later, I had the opportunity to play the real deal on both arcade rooms and console, and I surely have to thank my un-official introduction to the series for trying those!

N: I know of DS1 first on some gaming magazine, and the customization of Don-chan got me interested. Then comes some emulation and finally buying DS2 and so on.

A: Saw the PS2 version (forgot which one) in a US-based gaming magazine somewhere, but didn't really think much of the series (or rhythm games in general) until I was able to access it from the first DS Taiko. I fell in love with it soon after, from the colorful graphics to the original songs and the rewarding level of challenge.

C: I first saw it in an arcade as a very young kid, then I later picked up DS1. I already was a fan of rhythm games, so I picked it up real fast.

II) On which platforms do you play Taiko right now?

L: I can play TnT games on almost every console platform released so far, with the exception of the (discontinued) old mobile games and the i-device friendly Taiko Plus, which I can't properly control well. Alas, my house is at least 200 Kms from an arcade room with Taiko cabinets, so that's not an easily viable option to me...

N: 3DS2 on hand and AC0 (Asian) at the arcades. Sometimes digs out my old DS2 and 3 too to play on the 3DS.

A: I used to be able to only play console Taiko on my Wii, DS and PSP (and old arcades), as there was no online Taiko cabinet here. After Taiko 0 came over to Malaysia however, the opposite is now occurring; I have no money to afford a Japanese Wii U or Vita, and only have 3DS1 and 3DS2 as my most recent console offerings.

C: I play AC0 (Asia) most of the time, and occasionally the iOS version.

III) In 5 years of the Taiko Time blog's existence, have there been any particular episodes/situation you have a fond memory of?

L: Alongside my very first blog entries (and all that grammar fixing process behind them), I had a good laugh at our first, poor attempts to understand the lyrics of Engrish-sounding songs without actual lyrics sheets, particularly with Mulberry. SOME WILL LAUGH WHEN I SCREW

N: Gonna be the time we got a DMCA takedown notice that had us indefinitely remove all the then Anime series from public view. Well okay, less of a fond memory but more of a dare not forget kind of thing. Then I haven't joined the editorial, but I have talked with the rest of the guys about that, and when I literally had a class on Computing Law. (PS. Now that we're on this, let me say that we will probably be okay if we filed a counter-notice, since we are not even dealing with the anime company's IP assets (if it's the songs' record company filing that then maybe we should abide, but it's not). It's probably the automatic matching scripts getting stupid thinking "series" here means an actual anime series, and there wouldn't be a problem if we call it like "Anime Showcase/Corner" instead.)

A: Hah! Nigellus totally nailed it; the DMCA notice was one of the most memorable things that had happened; and yeah we could have filed a counter, but eh, whatever I guess. I'm just glad we get to continue providing Taiko information.

C: Well, I remember the reorganization of the blog into its new formatting, that was pretty memorable~

IV) What's your favorite Taiko console game (as of today), and why?

L: For personal skills build-up reasons, I'm going to say Minna de Party Sandaime for Wii. For being one of my first console Taiko games, it had a lot of revamped revivals and current tracks for all the genres, topped with many new memorable additions that offered a wide array of challenges, from the easiest to the hardest ones.

N: Answered that in my solo interview last year, but again it would be Don to Katsu no Jikuu Daibouken, with some of the best songs via DLCs including Jinpuumaru, Boku wa Synthe, BLUE TOPAZ and more.  And now I can add that it's the last console game before the "decline to madness" that is V Version (heh).

A: Don to Katsu no Jikuu Daibouken. Very balanced songlist and awesome DLCs, which while not on par with V Version or Taiko Portable DX, was worth it for the touchscreen control alone; I loved the DS and 3DS lines of Taiko games for that reason, and finally getting a 100-odd song library for a single game is satisfying. And I get to bring it around and play whenever!

C: Favourite console game would be DS2, since I spent the most time on that one~

V) What are your 5 most favorite songs on Taiko no Tatsujin?

L: I already gave out some hints of my Top 3 in selected Song of the Week entries, but surely won't hurt to give an extended update to my musical preferences in Taiko games! Here's my Top 5:

1) Chiriyuku Ran no Tsuduru Uta
2) Growing Up
3) Hayabusa
4) SORA-I Earth Rise
5) Souryu no Ran

N: The thing about me is that my list is very volatile beyond the first two, but okay here's my list currently:

1) Samba Alegria
2) Tsukikage SASURAI
4) Night And Day

A: Can I say I like most of them? No? Gosh, quit putting me in a bind, haha!

1. Kimi no Akari
2. Choujikuu Adventure
3. Kimi to Hibiku Harmony
4. Arumujika ac14.0V
5. Sweet Lay

C: Here's my current list~:

1) Densetsu no Matsuri
2) Kaze no Kuni no Ryu to Kishi
3) Toryu
4) Kimi to Hibiku Harmony
5) Uchuu SAMURAI

VI) Have you got any ideas for future in-game elements to be implemented in future Taiko games (new game modifiers, scoring rules, note types, console game modes, ...)?

L: I would love to see some randomizing note-placing modifier to have multiple notechart sets, like the Dark Notes in the first Theathrhythm Final Fantasy game or Donkey Konga 2's Salad modes. Kimagure and Detarame are already nice, but "General Randomizers" for selected songs could be an interesting idea at some point

N: What about a more heavily collaborative multiplayer, where all notes are de facto hand-holding (adds to score and gauge only if both hit the note right). Feels like a good mechanic for some 2-by-2 team match on some upcoming Wii U game.

A: Ad-hoc notes, like on Groove Coaster! Except this time you actually have to figure out whether the invisible style points note is don or kat first, haha!

C: It would be cool to have different themes for the game, to change up the look of the game~

VII) What's your favorite character in currently-out Taiko no Tatsujin games?

L: I'll pick the Lantern Eel. Its voice on PS2/Wii titles is quirky and weird; plus, its dance when featured as a in-game dancer always manages to make me giggle a little!

N: Oh no I don't really hold absolute favs in the whole of the character department. Erm... Professor Timedine maybe? At least I can tell you definitely that he is my favourite antagonist.

A: All the adorable console Taiko mascots...who do I like the most....Raruko! Never have I seen a cuddlier dragon in a videogame, for reals!

C:: Hmm... I like Alto from 3DS1, she has a cool design~

VIII) Which game mode/features from older Taiko games would you like to see again in future Taiko games?

L: I for one would love to see more playable longer versions of Taiko songs! That, however, would imply the creation of more song extensions, and that's not exactly one of the franchise' strong sides...

N: Mock multiplayer matches from DS2 would be a nice returning twist for an upcoming handheld Taiko RPG.

A: The ability to fight story boss battles on Oni di- wait, V Version did that, and it was not pretty. Whoever designed the =/=MM ojama should be shot. Well...the next best thing then would be Taiko Tower from Doka to Oomori Nanadaime (PS2)! Come on, give that mode back and create another Yawaraka Sensha Ura level of infamy!

C: Definitely playable long versions would be cool~

IX) Is there a song you wish would one day be playable in Taiko no Tatsujin?

L: BabeL ~Grand Story~, from pop'n music 19 TUNE STREET. It's my favorite track from bemani games, featuring the talent of some of my favorite musicians for the series!

N: I really would like Synchronica's rendition of Pachelbel's Canon over Kare Kano Kanon (again).

A: Come on Namco, I'm still waiting for you to collab with Nintendo more and put some Kirby or Smash Bros. music in the game!

C: If we're talking about songs that could actually get in, more Tekken and Ace Combat music would be nice~

X) What would you love to see in the future for Taiko no Tatsujin?

L: Taiko no Tatsujin online multiplayer would be a nice plus, both in asynchronous and real-time modes. Anyway, I still hope for some of the games' Western localization...

N: The one Taiko game that ends all Taiko games (i.e. continuously updating like AC0 or Plus) in all major console platforms. That might rule out inclusion of any story modes but the library would be vastly extravagant.

A: Rewarding, interactive song-unlocking 'events' for arcade Taiko like in most Bemani rhythm games, but with less grinding involved. That'll also have potential to stretch the lifecycle of the current HD firmwares beyond a paltry 7 months too.

C:: Introduction of story mode and characters into AC Taiko, like Chunithm or something. It's pretty likely~


That's all from us! Thanks to the kind users who sent their questions in there but most importantly, thanks to every single reader of our humble blog of any time, both past and current ones. If there has been something that made us going strong so far is your support and appreciation for our co-operative efforts to keep English-speaking readers up to date about our drumming franchise.

Here's to 5 more years of Taiko awesomeness!


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