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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Site Announcement: GM Song Series Parade!

Hi there! It's time for another update of what is brewing for our blog, outside from the "General Housekeeping" months of June and December.

First things first, we're planning to add three more Game Music-related song series -one per month- towards the remainder months of 2015. Starting from October, we're making series pages for the music of the God Eater, Ace Combat and Tekken franchises which made it into Taiko gaming in 15 (and counting!) years of drumrolling fun. This will be also followed by the relocation of certain songs in already pre-existing series to their respective franchise series, such as the 'Tales of' medleys (Xillia and Vesperia so far).

As promised in the previous blog update posts, underground updates are steadily being applied all over the site! Among these, in a few days of time, arcade song list pages from Taiko 11 onwards will feature a new icon (  ) for Kantan modes compatible with the Papa Mama Support mode.

Last but not least, we've added Karyu's Ura Oni mode to the Season Dragon song series, in order to gap some of our other minor pages/projects we're either updating of making from scratch.

We hope that these new additions will make your time on our humble blog more enjoyable! As usual, feel free to contact us (chatbox, Facebook/Twitter pages, e-mail) for any feedback/comments on our blog. See you soon!


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