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Friday, September 18, 2015

Across Japan: September FB Tournament Results!


Here you go, September Facebook Tournament results are in for you to check (or go to the original post, which they have it HD'er). The Oni Department with Shimedore 2000 has somewhat a dilemma, in which should you be more impressed by Korea's Sesan pulling a 2-good run hailing in first place, or Kagamine also from Korea playing it in the devilish speeds of Yonbai and still not missing (but more goods landing in 8th)?

The fresh new addition Kokihi no Shinzou -SCARLET HEART- starred Muzukashii Department this month, and Iyaro from Hong Kong managed a high-drumroll-count Donderful Combo to get in first, beating slightly off Korea's Couperin (Deta-kobe but 1 good) and Hong Kong's Baachan (Detarame but 9 less hits). Slightly out of the table are Malaysian Donders Rayuki and Inuyasa at close 21st and 22nd respectively, making this first in a few recent months to not list a Donder in the region. Still applaudable, we hope you would go on doing better next time and see you on the leaderboards again!

Next month's tournament starts with song choice announcement on October 7, the actual run though October 10~18, and results announcement on the 21st.

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