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Thursday, September 24, 2015

3DS2 Popular Pack 4 Ends Distribution on October 23 2015

While we have a boom of new additions today, we will have to end with a rather sad removal. As we wrote in the title, the fourth DLC pack for Taiko 3DS2 have only one more month to be purchased/downloaded, after which it will not be available anymore. To speculate, it is probably because the Puzzle & Dragons tie-up concluding that Namco has to take the pack down the shelves.

Here are the contents if you forgot, and if you like any of these, grasp your chance to get them now.
  •  やわらか戦車 Yawaraka Sensha (+Ura)
  •  練習曲Op.10-4 Etude Op. 10-4 (+Ura)
  •  決戦!! Kessen!! 
  •  太鼓乱舞 皆伝 Taiko Ranbu Kaiden
  •  時空庁時空1課 Jikuuchou Jikuuichika
  • Extra Quest: Chaos! Omikoshi Dojo (大混乱! おみこし道場)
  • Costume: Pazudora Tamadra (パズドラ たまドラ)

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